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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is now a widely used method to predict flow patterns reliably and quickly for the improvement of  products.
Hydrodynamic division of MSL has a variety of CFD solvers and post processing features. With a blend of high end computing effort, it can deliver  complete services of CFD design for your application.
MSL has a comprehensive and flexible blend of capabilities with engineering skills and multidisciplinary knowledge for analysing and modifying fluid flow situations for complex geometries through advanced physical models. This is achieved by the use of powerful numerical methods built into commercially available computer codes.

Hydrodynamic division at MSL has the capability to analyse and solve engineering flow problems like prediction of lift & drag forces, pressure drop calculations for pipe flows, flow rate calculations and multiphase problems.

There is a wide range of application of this expertise in the field of general engineering, marine and aerospace industry.

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