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With the advent of new technology in underwater warfare, radiated acoustic noise signatures pose a major threat to the safety of ships and submarines especially when operating in mined areas. Higher noise signature means that a ship or a submarine is more likely to be detected by the enemy from longer distances. Measurement of these signatures has therefore become extremely important. Equally important is to know the source of higher noise levels.
MSL can provide services for measurement and analysis of noise signatures of surface and sub surface platforms. Two different techniques are employed: Nearfield Acoustic Holography (static ranging) and farfield measurement (dynamic ranging).
Noise generated by different machines on board the platform in various configurations is measured and Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH) is used to identify the hot spots i.e. source of maximum noise. This is presented to the customer in a graphical form for ease of understanding. Dynamic Ranging is conducted to include the noises which are caused due to the movement of the ship.

MSL can also certify the air-borne radiated noise level performance with reference to human ear perception of the equipment, machinery, industrial spaces, etc and can also propose noise reduction methods.

The same principles and tools could be applied in the following fields:
  • Automobile Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Indoor Acoustics
  • Noise Health Monitoring
  • Safe Noise Limits
All acoustic data pertaining to platforms is handled with the same security classification as that assigned by the customer.
Confidentiality of data is fully ensured.

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