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MSL has a comprehensive and flexible blend of capabilities with engineering skills and multidisciplinary knowledge for the structure design and analysis of marine & off-shore platforms. In addition to these, different types of machines can also be designed for industrial applications.
To achieve these designs, advanced 3D Modeling & FE Analysis  techniques are used. The designs are facilitated by the use of industrial codes.
The major structural design capabilities are as follows:
  Advanced 3-D modeling accompanied with detailed drawings of marine and other mechanical structures.

  Static and Dynamic finite element analysis of structures for the determination of displacements, stresses, strains and forces in structures.

  Model and Harmonic finite element analyses of structures for the determination of vibration characteristics (natural frequencies and mode shapes) of structures or machine components.
Weld analysis in order to determine the strength of various types of welds.
There is a wide range of applications of structural design capability in the field of marine, production and automobile industry.

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