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Simulator Development
Utilisation of Simulators has been adopted in almost all of the navies of the world, as a cost effective alternative to training of personnel on live equipment. It ensures optimum utilisation of the actual equipment while maintaining the requisite skill level, essential for the operators.
MSL specialises in development of simulators for various maritime applications. Our software and hardware engineers have acquired the necessary skills and an understanding of user requirements and industry standards. Modular approach is adopted in development of software while commercial off the shelf hardware is used to provide flexibility and independence to the user.
Action Speed Tactical Trainer (ASTT) is a real time simulator that provides tactical training to operation room teams in a realistic threat and environmental conditions.
ASTT is based on the most modern simulation architecture High-Level Architecture (HLA). HLA is the standard for connecting several computer-based simulations so that they can interact mutually, and exchange information efficiently & effectively.
ASTT replicates the principal components of the Naval Fleet. It includes all tactical facilities like:
  • Tactical manoeuvers
  • Fleet operations
  • Planning and management
  • C3I command centre
  • Scenario generation
  • Exercise execution & monitoring
  • Trainees’ evaluation
ASTT is capable of handling more than 100 tracks, and a variety of different environmental conditions can be simulated simultaneously. It provides training in a stand-alone mode, as well as in an operationally integrated fleet environment. It provides true kinematics of vehicles, real time modeling of weapons, sensors etc. It comprises a number of cubicles each configured to represent a CIC of a surface ship. Each cubicle can however be configured as an individual surface, sub surface platform.  Libraries for weapons and sensor fits are available to configure according to user’s requirements.
MSL is presently engaged in the development of a generic Bridge/Pilotage for one of our customers. It would replicate all features available onboard identified ships.

The simulator can be used for training of the following:

  • Officer of the Watch—manoeuvring, man overboard and other emergencies
  • Entering/leaving harbour
  • Quarter Master duties
  • Communication staff in tactical reporting

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