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Welcome to Marine Systems (Pvt) Limited
EME/EMC Services
Marine Systems (Pvt) Ltd offers a wide range of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) services. A fusion of in-depth knowledge, extensive testing experience and state-of-the-art equipment enables us to identify and solve critical EMC problems early in the development stage, thus saving your valuable time, money and engineering resources...  More
Simulator Development
MSL specialises in development of simulators for various maritime applications. Our software and hardware engineers have acquired the necessary skills and an understanding of user requirements and industry standards. Modular approach is adopted in development of software while commercial off-the-shelf hardware is used to provide flexibility and independence to the user... More
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Software Development
MSL has domain experts for carrying out software development and consultancy services in fields of manufacturing, repair maintenance, service oriented industries. MSL thrives on the highly matured and efficient software development life cycle giving due importance to Quality Assurance. MSL develops Information Systems for small to enterprise-level organisations... More
Electronic System Design & Development
MSL specialises in design and development of high quality electronic systems tailored to the needs of the customer. We have access to state-of-the-art facilities to design, develop and test hardware and software... More
Measurement of Noise Signatures
MSL can provide services for measurement and analysis of noise signatures of surface and sub surface platforms. Two different techniques are employed: Nearfield Acoustic Holography (static ranging) and farfield measurement (dynamic ranging)... More
Computational Fluid Dynamics
MSL has a comprehensive and flexible blend of capabilities with engineering skills and multidisciplinary knowledge for analysing and modifying fluid flow situations for complex geometries through advanced physical models. This is achieved by the use of powerful numerical methods built into commercially available computer codes... More
Structural Design Capability
MSL has a comprehensive and flexible blend of capabilities with engineering skills and multidisciplinary knowledge for the structure design and analysis of marine & off-shore platforms. In addition to these, different types of machines can also be designed for industrial applications... More
Ship Design Capability
MSL has a comprehensive capabilities in Ship Design... More

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